Franklin Library

Stevens Puppets - FRA

stevens puppets
presents Beauty and the Beast.

Come see hand-carved wooden marionettes with hand painted scenery and handmade costumes. Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairytale and this particular performance will be based on the 1796 version by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

This program will last 45 minutes with 10 minutes of demonstration after. This will probably appeal to children 3 years or older. No registration will be necessary.


Animal Avengers - FRA

Animal Tales at the library!

Get up close and personal with a few of nature's creatures. Learn who can be heroes and who villains are. Animal Avengers will highlight live, exotic wildlife from all around the globe. Be prepared to "volunteer" for an interactive hands-on experience.

All ages are welcome and no registration is needed.


Hero Quest - FRA

Let's go on a Hero Quest!
Have you ever wanted to meet a real life hero?

Today ONLY: Open House

Come meet the heroes of the community from fire fighters to police officers, volunteers to soldiers. We've got it all and they want to talk with you about what they do every day to help their community or country. What can you do for your neighborhood?

All ages are welcome and no registration is needed.