Fall Writers Workshop - Memoirs

Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Chapters From the Farmhouse Journal...

During the first days of living in my rented farmhouse, I was sitting on the front porch with a friend who had come to help unpack.  We were taking a lunch break.  Over the chicken salad and fruit, I told her the remarkable story of how I had come to find this house, and of the other synchronicities contained in these pages.  Her response was: "Laura, you need to write this down.  Other people need to hear this; it will give encouragement and inspiration."

Join Laura Landers as she guides the class through the development and self-discovery of memoir writing. Laura currently resides in Northern Kentucky, in the farmhouse featured in her book, at the end of a gravel lane surrounded by fields and woods. She is an author with Women Writing 4(a) Change and a self-employed massage therapist.

Ages 16 and up.  Bring paper and pen/pencil. Program is free. Reservations required by calling 937-748-3200.

Fall Writers Workshop - Publishing

Saturday, November 1, 2014 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

How to Publish Your Work: A Workshop on Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing, and Everything in Between

Before answering "how," it's important to ask why: why do we publish?  Kelsey Swindler of Orange Frazer Press will discuss the role of the book publishing industry, the "why" behind the printed page, and the many routes available to today's writers.  This will be an open and collaborative workshop, with time devoted to overviews of traditional and alternative publishing routes, questions, and conversation.  Whether you are still crafting your memoir in your mind, scribbling poems on dinner napkins, or have a two-hundred-page manuscript waiting on your bedside table, you will leave with the knowledge and resources to approach any publishing scenario with confidence.

Kelsey Swindler is the marketing and business development lead at Orange Frazer Press in Wilmington, Ohio.  She received her B.A. in English Lit from Wittenberg University and a certificate in publishing from the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver.  She loves her hardcovers and e-books equally and keeps a watchful eye on the publishing industry.  Kelsey blogs about book publishing at and tweets about the book industry (and her favorite veggie recipes) at @kelseyswindler.

Ages 16 & up.  Bring paper and pen/pencil. Program is free.  Reservations required by calling 937-748-3200.


Fall Writers Workshop - The Hero's Journey

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The Hero's Journey forms the foundation of myths and stories across cultures, centuries and genres.  Learn how to adapt this archetypal pattern to your own writing to create powerful narratives and characters that resonate with readers.

Carrie Bebris is the author of eight novels, including the award-winning Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery series and two fantasy novels.  A journalist, editor and teacher, she speaks locally and nationally about writing and has been a presenter at venues ranging from the Antioch Writers Workshop and Thurber House to International conferences.  

Ages 16 & up.  Bring paper and pen/pencil. Program is free.  Reservations are required by calling 937-748-3200.


Fall Writers Workshop - Journaling

Jump start your journaling practice!  

Have you always wanted to write in a journal but didn't know how to begin?  Or are you a current or past journaler who has lost interest, motivation, or creativity?  Join facilitator, Dawn Koch for this Journal Jump-Start that will help guide you through beginning or sustaining a transformative journaling practice.  You'll learn techniques that will inspire you to write, help you break through your blocks, and ignite (or re-ignite) your passion for writing.

Dawn Koch is a writer whose passion for and study of the journaling process has led her to create and facilitate various workshops on journaling and writing for personal transformation.  When not facilitating various workshops, Dawn works as the Program Manager at Women Writing for (a) Change in Cincinnati.  Dawn also works with at-risk youth through the WWf(a)C outreach program in partnership with Cincinnati organizations, Project Connect and Rosie's Girls, among others.

Saturday, October 4 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Springboro Branch

Ages 16 and up.  Bring paper and pen/pencil for note taking.  A journal is provided. Program is free.  Reservations are required by calling 937-748-3200.


Fall Writers Workshop - Poetry

This poetry class is for everyone...from the lover of poetry who wants to learn how to appreciate the art even more, the beginning poet who wants to improve their craft, and for seasoned writers.

Julie Moore is the Writing Center Director and Associate Professor of English at Cedarville University.  Moore's poems have appeared in over one hundred publications and she has received numerous awards and recognitions.  Many of her poems have been read on public radio stations and she regularly fills in for Conrad Balliet, host of "Conrad's Corner," a 90-second poetry segment, on WYSO, 91.3 FM, out of Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Saturday, September 27, from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Springboro Branch

Ages 16 and up.  Bring paper and pen/pencil. Program is free.  Reservations are required by calling 937-748-3200.