Crack the Cursive Code - Handwriting History and Appreciation of the Art


Throughout the month of February, there are four classes available that talk about "Cracking the Cursive Code." These programs are designed for students in grades 3 through 8 or for adults wanting to learn more about the history of handwriting. Supplies will be provided for everyone.

handwriting quoteIn this first class, local artist and calligrapher Ann Bain will talk about how handwriting has changed throughout time. How it has become a lost art that is slowly disappearing. She will begin to teach about cursive handwriting.

Registration is required and you can sign-up at either Franklin 746-2665 or Springboro 748-3200. It is not necessary to attend all four sessions. We encourage participants to attend as many classes as possible, particularly the first session. However, it is not a requirement to attend all four programs.



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